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Echo-Trading built for Equity Custodians & Broker Dealers

Seamlessly connected to 120 custodians and 30 exchanges worldwide. Echo S offers your clients a proven way to increase returns through an elegant and easy to use platform.

Echo-Trading built for Futures FCMs, RFEDs & IBs

Connected and ready for rollout with 100’s of RFEDs, FCMs, and over 1,000 IBs. Echo F simplifies trading down to the click of a button. Getting your clients to trade couldn’t be any easier.

Echo-Trading built for Forex FCMs, RFEDs & IBs

Echo X is connected to over 1,000 FCMs, RFEDs, and IBs. Already a huge demand in forex, now you can brand Echo-Trading as your own through our white label.


Welcome to the Future of Trading

Echo-Trading is a patent-pending trade duplication technology that connects everyday investors to your best traders. With a single click of a button, investors can “echo” the trades of an Echo Leader with a proven track record of success. Beginners can match the performance of seasoned professionals, and Echo Leaders enjoy an additional revenue stream through subscription fees.

Attract New Clients



Target millions of new clients with a white labeled Echo-Trading platform. These are clients that are currently not being marketed to, giving you a virtual monopoly.

The number of trades your client makes increases with each new Echo Leader they follow. Clients echo and average of 3-4 leaders, turning low volume clients into high volume clients.

Retention is dramatically increased when clients trade in an Echo-Trading environment. Simplified trading plus increased returns equal happy customers.


White Label. Our Software, Your Brand.

Project a larger corporate image by taking advantage of our patent-pending technology by branding it as your own. We create a unique Echo-Trading network for you, filled with only your clients.

Back Office. Full Control at Your Fingertips.

Maintain total control of your Echo-Trading platform through your own Back Office. You manage the settings and can activate & deactivate Trade Leaders.

User Analytics. Identify Trends to Improve Performance.

Powerful tracking tools allow you to monitor user activity and identify echoing and trading trends. Understand your client's habits to optimize your outreach and platform performance.

Performance Analytics. Make Data-Driven Decisions.

Capitalize on robust ROI and performance analytics to increase lifetime customer value and improve conversions from demo to live accounts.

SaaS. Simple, Seamless & Cost-Effective.

Implementing Perfectna solutions couldn’t be any easier; zero resources required. Drastically reduce cost with a SaaS model and free up your team to focus on clients instead of technology.

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